The Whispering Bonsai Gardener... Tips and a lot more!

The Whispering Bonsai Gardener (aka Tim Jenks) submits another song asking the pertinent question.....

'Do you remember the corona man...???'

Following my series on bonsai keeping I was asked if I had any simple gardening tips....

Here my dead simple way to grow lettuce.!

The latest in the new series from 'Whispering Bob Bonsai' - the gardener trapped at home like everyone else during the covid pandemic.

He does a brief insight here into bonsai that costs very little....

Whispering Bob Bonsai (aka Tim Jenks) is preparing his bonsai collection for personal viewing visits.

You can contact 'Bob' (Tim) via his Facebook page - by sending him a message on Messenger....








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