Tim Jenks - Member of the Tim Jenks Band, Aaron and LIfe

It was 1962 when I joined St Jude's Church male choir - I was nine years old - but it was around 1968 when I set about trying to change the face of church music in St Jude's, Wolverhampton.

After playing my first song in church, aptly titled 'The Devil & Me', I swapped acoustic strumming for a cheap Les Paul copy guitar and began grinding out a boogie blues approach to 'music with a message' that raised eyebrows in churches throughout the Midlands and Northern England. At that time Coffee Bars were playing host to live gospel music bands, spreading the Gospel via a medium that young people enjoyed.

Playing together with Eddie Phillips Trevor Howard and John Martin in the coffee bar at St. Judes we formed a band called 'Life'. The group was very popular within the Christian community and gave us a good grounding in the 'craft' of performing in front of an audience.

With so many gigs available to play in the '70's, I abandoned a teaching career to form 'Aaron' with Stuart Penny, Eddie Phillips, Trevor Howard and Colin Burke; assisted by sound engineer Bernard McNally. Aaron was a pro-unit that would complete three years on the road - one year touring England's pubs - and two years spent touring schools and colleges in the USA.

In the years since then I have enjoyed playing with a cohort of excellent musicians. The lineup changes but the 'Tim Jenks Band' remains the same...


The Tim Jenks Band..... where you find 'Grass roots Rock with class.....'

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