Brittle Bones - Blues and Rock - West Midlands

This Wolverhampton rock trio came about as a further tangent of Mick ‘Ace of Bass’ Duncombe’s long association with Tim that now exceeds 30 years.  Apart from Mick’s appreciation of the blues – (the reason he teamed up with Tim) – Mick has had a close affinity with the glam rock scene and has long enjoyed the popular rock material made famous by Slade, Sweet and ZZ Top as well as a more rockabilly sound that moves things on from laid-back blues jamming.  He is true ‘bass mercenary’ deputising in many rock and blues outfits around the Midlands.

Drummer Nigel Austin turned pro in 1977 - with Manchester Rock and Roll Showband ‘Ricky and the Spitfires’. They toured relentlessly across Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Turkey, until 1992.  After taking a 12 year break from music in 2012 was asked to play in the ‘C,MON Everybody Rock and Roll’ theatre show with Chris Fender Black  - the man who married his guitar!  That lasted 2 years until one of Mick’s projects morphed into ‘The Scruff Poets’.  Nigel enjoys playing rockabilly, 70's disco, R&B, glam rock and is known as the ‘singing drummer’.  The ‘Poets’ enjoyed considerable success around Midland pubs with a 5-piece line-up that featured acoustic rhythm guitar, lead guitar and violin.  However, the team was a short-lived liaison leaving ex-pro drummer Nigel Austin and Mick without another vocalist and frontline instrument.

There was an outstanding gig to fulfil and other pubs eagerly awaiting whatever Mick and Nigel had to offer.  Tim stepped in on guitar without much bribery and ‘Brittle Bones’ emerged as a 3-piece, straight ahead, no nonsense rock band.

Tim describes the band as ‘Dr ZZ Feelgood Rory Quo’….don’t try and guess what that sounds like.  Come along to the next nearest pub gig to find out….

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